School events

Are you planning a school trip or do you want to try non-traditional physical education?

Come move to LASER GAME. It's a great way to effectively use your free time on a trip or experience more modern physical training. Laser game is such an enticing and action "sport" that it will make the whole class move! Even the biggest slackers will enthusiastically run around the arena, crouch behind obstacles and get up again. The laser game is simply cool!

One game lasts 12 minutes and is designed for up to 18 players. We recommend choosing the number of games so that everyone can play at least 2 games. For example, with a group of 25 divided into 2 parts, it is based on 4 games. Which is about 1.5 hours of playing.

In addition, we have a great price of 100 CZK per person per game for school events. One teacher for every maximum of 14 children plays for free. The condition is at least 10 players. The price is valid during the working week until 16:00. For opening outside business hours, please contact us.

You can find the current occupancy status of the laser game for schools outside opening hours for May and June 2024 here.